04 July 2017

Website News and Updates

Just a word to say my website addresses have had to change again due to technical errors (thanks Yola, you b'stards) I'd be grateful if anyone could pass them on to anyone interested in my style of fic.

You can find Fabian Black Fiction at: https://fabianblackromance.yolasite.com/
I've posted another chapter of Hope House The Long Weekend and also a Tarn and Twinks extract. The complete Hope House novel should be out later this year, if not sooner, or later, depending on circumstances.

I've also had to change Cat's MM Discipline Fiction website address. You can find it at:https://catsmmfiction.yolasite.com/
I've added the HH chaps there and, drum roll please, I shall shortly be posting a new discipline story under my pen name Cat - the first in at least a hundred years.  There are other various bits and pieces on the Cat site that aren't on the Fabian Black site, some of them are a bit rough around the edges, but still hopefully enjoyable for those who enjoy traditional Top/brat style stories.

A bit of chatter. I don't write as frequently as I used to or would like to, that pesky thing called life has been kind of overwhelming at times over the past few years. I'll keep plugging away for a bit longer yet before chucking in the towel altogether. Things have changed so much since I first started writing in this crazy genre. It all started when I discovered Jimka's M/M spanking site. Anyone remember that? Some of the stories were dubious regarding character ages, and not to my taste, but there were some gems among the dross. Then there was the much loved and still missed Porch. I still recall some of the wonderful discipline writers who had fiction up on The Porch. Bosephus and Frostspinner are still among my favourites. It was the proudest day when I was granted my own little portion of the porch to showcase my fiction. The porch is gone now, along with other fun sites, most went down when Geocities pulled the plug.  Then there were Yahoo groups specialising in spanking stories, sites like Paddywhacks and Rod and Slipper along with others. They tended to falter when people who should have known better started turning on each other. Why do some people want to savage others and bring them down? I don't get that. People stopped posting for fear of saying the wrong thing and having some bugger shoot them down in flames. There were always a few who thought only their way was the right way. These self appointed group police sucked the fun out of everything. Sigh! Life does have its ups and downs, no doubt about it. It must be an age thing, but I sometimes find myself missing those heady early days when folk with the kink gene were discovering others with the same gene thanks to the power of the WWW. I still think fondly of some of the readers and writers I met along the way, especially on the defunct Paddywhacks group, and often wonder where they are now. Times change and we move on. I guess it’s the nature of things.

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My stories focus on M/M relationships, the main slant of which is on consensual discipline between loving male partners. It’s quite difficult to define this kind of fiction. It doesn't quite fit into the category of straightforward M/M erotic romance and nor can it be regarded as BDSM fiction in a classic sense.

Domestic Discipline Romance might be a fair description with still more sub categories under that umbrella with keywords such as: original character slash, domestic discipline, discipline partnership fiction, romantic fic, hurt/comfort fiction etc.

To be honest I don’t really think it’s necessary or even advisable to attempt to classify and define it too closely, because to do so is to risk confining both writers and readers by binding them with rules and regulations about what’s right and what’s wrong in a story that features any kind of power exchange.

I don’t personally think there’s a right or wrong way to write this kind of fiction, it all depends on personal taste, need and interpretation of interest, one size definitely doesn’t fit all and that’s how it should be, we’re all individuals and variety is a good thing.

Some of my stories are written from a tongue in cheek perspective and have elements of madcap humour and parody while others take a more serious look at the role consensual discipline might play in adult relationships.

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