04 June 2012

Free Kindle Read: Peter and the Wolf


Title: Peter and the Wolf
Author: Cat/Fabian Black
Genre: M/M romantic comedy short story - 17- Adult themes

What’s a man to do when his partner seems to prefer housework to sex? William decides it’s time to get in touch with his alpha side when Peter shows more interest in hoovering than in him.

"Peter! For Christ's sake! What are you doing now?" Will shouted, slapping the book he was reading down onto his knees.

A disembodied voice floated up the stairs and into the bedroom. "I'm just watering the plants in the hall, they're looking a bit dry. I won’t be long."

 "You said that half an hour ago when you were 'just' locking up and taking out all the plugs. I've read nine chapters of this God-awful Space Wolf novel since then, and I still haven't discovered how wolf-men ended up in space."

 "It can't be that awful, not if you've read nine chapters of it," said the disembodied voice reasonably, adding, "anyway, you can’t possibly have read nine chapters, not in half an hour. You must have just skimmed it, you always do that and it's cheating. No wonder you miss important details. It's probably explained how the wolf-men got into space and you've skipped over it. Go back and read it properly."
"Peter, are you actually coming up tonight, because I'm already up and I want to be down, on you, preferably before my vigour goes the way of all things and turns to dust."

  "And the Barry Manilow Prize for romantic lyric of the year goes to William Jones for his lovely song: wanna go down on you before my vigour is through."

Despite his irritation Will smiled, calling, "come up to bed, smart arse."
"I'm nearly done now. I’m just cleaning the stained glass panel in the front door and then there’s the Yucca in the living room to water."

Yucca! Will sighed and picked up the garish novel again, resuming where he’d left off, with the hero trying to prevent his inner wolf letting loose a long howl at an inopportune moment. It failed to hold his interest. He closed the book, reading the heading on the front cover, which stated: 'In The Grim Darkness Of The Far Future There Is Only War!' He had to admit that it did indeed sound rather grim, but as long as there was sex, as well as war, it might not be too bad.

The hairs on the back of his neck rose as he heard the unmistakeable drone of the hoover coming from downstairs. Whereas in his case, In The Grim Darkness Of The Here And Now There Was Only Housework... and no sex!

Resisting a primeval urge to gallop downstairs and drag his partner back up them by the scruff of his neck, he flopped back on his pillows, covering his face with the book.
"I really wish we hadn't chosen a dark blue carpet for the hall, it shows all the bits. I thought I was never going to get it clean." Peter made an appearance in the bedroom at long last and lifted the book from Will’s face, smiling. "I'm all yours now. As they say, all good things come to he who waits."
"Too late." Will opened his eyes. "Joey Stefano and some of his mates called by while you were carpet cleaning and we had a gangbang, it was filthy! They sucked me dry."

Peter dropped the book back over Will's face in disgust, "you are a shit sometimes, Will. You've got no patience, all you think about is yourself. I hope poor departed Joey satisfied you, because you're not having me as a living dessert."
"What was I supposed to do?" Will threw the book on the bed and sat up. "You seemed keener on doing housework than having sex. It's not very flattering to come a poor second and third to a Yucca plant and a vacuum cleaner you know. You can't blame me for masturbating."

 "I like things to be neat before I come up to bed, it helps me relax."

Turning on his side Will watched Peter undress. He was slightly underweight, he was short-sighted and at the age of twenty-eight had recently been persuaded to wear braces to straighten his crooked front teeth.
He wasn't exactly the stuff hot porn stars were made off. However, he had a certain sweetness of expression. It had captivated Will from the moment they'd met through a mutual friend. They had lived together for almost a year now and mostly it had been good, although there had been some annoying habits that had taken a bit of getting used to.

Things like the nighttime rituals Peter insisted on performing before bed. There was the locking up ritual, which entailed checking that all the downstairs windows were closed and locked, even though they rarely got opened, then checking that the front and back doors were locked, bolted and chained.
Then there was the plug habit. He pulled out all the plugs on electrical appliances, the kettle, the television, etc and so on, and then he went round again just to make sure he'd done it. It didn't matter if Will told him he had. He always had to re-check for himself. Will got used to it, choosing to view it as a quaint aspect of his partner's personality. Lately it had begun to irritate again, not least because Peter's rituals were expanding to cover things like tidying around the sitting room, washing up every object he could lay hands on, watering the plants, and now bloody hoovering.

It seemed that Peter would go to any lengths to avoid coming to bed with him, and it was time for it to stop.

He cleared his throat. "Are we having a crisis, Peter, do we need to re-evaluate our relationship?"

Peter's stomach clenched. So, it was here. This was the moment he had known would come. He folded his arms tightly across his chest and gazed at his partner. Will wasn't exactly God's gift to gay men. He was slightly overweight and hairy enough to be mistaken for the missing link. However, he had attractive blue eyes and a kind charm, which had enchanted Peter from the moment they met. He had been thrilled when Will had asked him out on a date.

He spoke stiffly, "what exactly does re-evaluate mean? Is it a pseudo way of saying our relationship is over and you want my blessing to go and seek out some easy little slut who will open his legs for you on demand? Well fine, go ahead and I hope you get crabs, you bastard!" He strode tearfully towards the bedroom door,

"I'll sleep in the spare room."

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