16 June 2011


A Family Heirloom:

It’s a thing of beauty, a family heirloom lovingly handcrafted by Joshua’s great grandfather as a gift for his bride to be. Sitting at the dressing table Ben watches the late afternoon sun play along its back. The warm topaz shades in the walnut wood glow like jewels. He imagines Joshua’s great grandmother sitting where he's sitting, drawing the heavy oval brush through her long hair, as she prepares for bed. A voice firmly speaks an instruction. Picking the brush up Ben obediently stands, turns and walks slowly across to where Joshua is waiting. The heirloom’s beauty diminishes a little. 

Collision Course:

How do I tell Alan that I don’t wish to continue this relationship, not in its current form anyway? I love him, that hasn’t changed, but the need for discipline has. It has served its purpose and is no longer relevant. A new direction is called for. I’ll tell him tonight. He’ll understand and respect my decision I know. Then, when we’re clear about this new direction, I’ll calmly explain why the car’s front end is crumpled, on account of me being unable to slow down in time to prevent collision with a stationary police car. He’ll understand, I think.


Hurt me. Make me bleed, I said. Why, he answered, why must you hurt, why must you bleed? As penalty, I whispered, for living when I have no right. He stroked my face tenderly and held me for some time before saying, no one should have to hurt or be made to bleed in order to justify existence. You have as much right to exist as any one of us. I will never make you bleed for being yourself, nor hurt you for my lone pleasure. He was the one I had waited for. I placed my trust with him. 

Simon and the Halloween Treats

Simon sighed. He really should not have done it. He hadn’t meant to. They had just looked so tempting, all those little chocolate goodies waiting for the neighbourhood’s Halloween trick or treaters. He’d meant to snaffle just one, but one turned to two then more until the large bowl was full of nothing but foil wrappers. It was too late to buy more. Ezra would spank him for greed if he found out. Best he didn’t find out. Grapes were the answer. Simon carefully wrapped a fat grape in each of the colourful wrappers…so much better for the children’s teeth!

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My stories focus on M/M relationships, the main slant of which is on consensual discipline between loving male partners. It’s quite difficult to define this kind of fiction. It doesn't quite fit into the category of straightforward M/M erotic romance and nor can it be regarded as BDSM fiction in a classic sense.

Domestic Discipline Romance might be a fair description with still more sub categories under that umbrella with keywords such as: original character slash, domestic discipline, discipline partnership fiction, romantic fic, hurt/comfort fiction etc.

To be honest I don’t really think it’s necessary or even advisable to attempt to classify and define it too closely, because to do so is to risk confining both writers and readers by binding them with rules and regulations about what’s right and what’s wrong in a story that features any kind of power exchange.

I don’t personally think there’s a right or wrong way to write this kind of fiction, it all depends on personal taste, need and interpretation of interest, one size definitely doesn’t fit all and that’s how it should be, we’re all individuals and variety is a good thing.

Some of my stories are written from a tongue in cheek perspective and have elements of madcap humour and parody while others take a more serious look at the role consensual discipline might play in adult relationships.

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